Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Heera Gold Sharai incompatibility



Free mixing between opposite sex is not allowed even if the woman is in niqab (face vail), that includes working under one roof (office)

Employing a female staff in order to use her voice to canvas potential customer is not Allowed in Islam.

Women should concentrate her Dawah activities among women folk physically and in social media networks as well, her recorded speech should post in women’s only group where men have no access.

Music is haraam in Islam so it is not allowed to add title music to videos, even if the music is produced my mouth known as (Acapella)

No possibility or rare possibility exists in Islam in line with buying and selling gold and silver online; because gold and silver should buy in hand to hand against cash in one sitting, in online trading money goes first to the seller then the gold credits to the account holder’s account not hand to hand.

It is not allowed to resell the gold, silver or any other commodities purchased online until the buyer takes its possession, which seldom happens in online trading.

Extravagance is haraam in Islam, so the hi fi posh office setup is evil and opening the door to the hell.

Many Muslims understands the ruling of Shairah very well, but they opt to ignore it due to the love of this world and its entertainment. This problem is widespread among some of those who claim to be religiously-guided, may Allah guide them