Friday, April 21, 2017

There’s a Gold Cartel Aimed At Keeping the Price Supressed! – Bill Murphy Interview


Subscribe to our Free Financial have Bill Murphy with us today to share his thoughts on why Gold’s sentiment is at a twenty year low and the constant manipulation of precious metals.

Bill explains if the Dollar could suffer from the geo political tensions going on and also the potential of Silver breaking out and becoming a Silver Bug’s dream!


01:05 Worst Gold Sentiment in 20 Years!

03:05 Controlled Gold Downtrend and Supressing Silver?

06:35 There’s a Gold Cartel Aimed at Keeping the Price Supressed!

07:55 Mining Shares Behaving Like Penny Shares?

09:20 Bullish Trump Market!

10:45 North Korea Tension Influences, Can the Dollar get hit?

12:35 The biggest move in Silver Coming